Sunday, November 22, 2009

Telecom Billing - Batch Rating

Telecom Batch Rating involves following steps:

Rating Configurations

For normal rate plan, Rating is configured in a form of two dimension matrices. Row representing different time bands ( Peak time, OffPeak time) and coloumn representing day of the week or vice-versa. Seperate configuration usually required for special rating like holidays, friend&family etc.

Processing Call Detail Records (CDRs)

In Batch mode proccessing of CDR, they run through all of the CDR generated for the day as and when received. Each CDRs contains, number being called (B-number), number called from (A-number), start date and time of call, duration (or end date and time), type of call etc to process CDR in Batch.

Rating Calculation

Rating calculates the actual usage charge by using several parameters:

Day and time ( peak vs. off-peak)
Free minutes
Tiers & steps

Rated CDRs stored in a table.Billing module uses rated CDRs to collects, generates and summarizes all the elements of the bill ( i.e. usage charges and discounts ) and formats a consolidated bill. Summarised bill includes recurring charges, usage charges and any discounts.

Batch Rating is used for postpaid customers. This can also be used for rerating prepaid calls for revenue assurance check.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Telecom Billing - Price Plan

Price Plan

Price Plan is a package of services associated with pricing schemes. It is used by marketing to define service packages. It is used by customer management to sell service packages and it is used in rating to rate usages. There are three types of services associated with Price Plan:

Basic Services: These are standard services and tariffs. For example, voice calls.

Optional Services: These are specifically ordered by subscriber. These may be tailored to specific customer or selected group of customers. For example : call details, voice mail etc.

Promotional Services: These are reduced charges services for specific period of time. For example , free minutes voice calls, reduced rate calls.

Components of Price Plan

Voice mail, voice call, call waiting are examples of features.

Contract Terms
These are the minimum condition for activating price plan. This may be minimum number of months in plan, early termination penalty, minimum usage (unit base, charge amount) etc.

Recurring Charges
These are monthly,bi-monthly, annually rental charges which are paid in advance by subscribers. These are usage dependent means more you use, the lower the recurring charges.

Usage Charges
These are charges paid by subscriber for using particular services.

One-time Charges
These are one time charge accrued for change in customers account due to change in price plan or activation of new subscribers

Price Plan Key Benefits
It reduces time to market.It enables multiple packaging options. It is easy to use. It can be target to specfic customer groups.